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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Jan 20, 2021



Do you bring love with you everywhere you go?


Or are you self-critical, anxious, annoyed, and frustrated…


No matter how pretty you are, it won’t mean anything if your heart is ugly 


You can be a supermodel but if you’re mean to the waiter, put others down, or focus on the negative; you aren’t really attractive


Let’s Focus on Inner Beauty, shall we? 


ESPECIALLY when we’re dating 


Get curious about the energy they are bringing to the table 


He/She might be easy on the eyes, BUT can they get through conflict in an emotionally intelligent way/invest emotionally/meet you where you’re at?


Ask the important questions, and notice how your dating life changes 


Need some help with being secure no matter what? I’ve got just the thing for you! 


In this podcast episode, I give you the tools to embody secure attachment (even if the person you’re dating has an avoidant attachment style!!) 


You don’t want to miss this high-value episode!!


Wondering what your Attachment Style is? Take this quiz to find out!


Did you know that on top of a podcast, I have a Facebook group where I go live once a week?? 


Yup–it’s called “Successful Women Great Relationships!" Click here to join so you can come hang out with some high-vibe, like-minded women who are leveling up in love together! I love this community!


Wishing you the energy that is even hotter than your good looks ;)  Dr. Morgan