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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Jan 18, 2021



I was honored to have my friend, and mentor @travislpeters on the podcast to drop some wisdom on dating and relationships!


Trav, Travis, aka Travvy P offered a really fresh and unique perspective on obtaining the relationship you want 


Travis is an amazing coach, hilarious human, AND also a loving father and dedicated husband


He is a great example of having it all-as I always say, you can have success AND great relationships…you deserve both.


After all, who wants success if you don’t have someone to celebrate with? 


In this FUN and powerful episode we do a deep dive on: 

-Why your 80%-ok-relationship is keeping you from your 100% amazing partnership

-How to navigate situationships and WHY they happen

-How to actually attract the relationship you’ve always wanted and truly deserve

Aaaaand so much more!


Y’all this episode is packed with pure gold, and I promise you will learn from Travis’s vulnerability and wisdom! 


Make sure you share a screenshot of the episode to your Instagram story and tag us both @travislpeters @drmorgancoaching 


P.S. Hilarious moment in the podcast when Travis gives you a great one-liner for breaking up with someone.Iif you listen to the podcast, and LOL - let us know!