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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Jan 13, 2021

What kind of sex are you having? 


Does it FEEL good?


I’m not talking about physically….


How does it feel emotionally??


In today’s podcast episode I do a deep dive on the emotional intimacy that is connected to sex. 


Most of us are not fully aware of what it means to us emotionally to connect with physical intimacy…(yes even guys-it’s a myth that guys don’t emotionally invest with sex!)


Listen to today’s episode to: 

-Think about sex in a whole new way 

-Explore how you want to use sex in your relationships 

-Hear my vulnerable reflection on the role sex played in my past relationships 


Really hoping none of my family members listen to this episode, but hey! the things I’m willing to do to help you all out! LOL. 


Make sure you tune in to this episode and share it with someone who needs it!


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