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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Feb 12, 2020

Narcissistic Abuse affects over 158 million people in the U.S.

It is likely that you or someone you love is a survivor.

In today’s episode, I share my top three signs to look for that point to Narcissistic abuse. I also dive into the stigma attached to domestic violence, and why I feel sharing my story as a survivor is so important. 

This episode is for my survivors of NA, people currently in an abusive dynamic, or people who have had loved ones impacted by abuse. 

I named this podcast Let’s Get Vulnerable for a reason, and in today’s episode I open up about my own personal experience. 

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Let me know what part spoke to you, and what your key takeaways were. 

Until next time, wishing you high self-worth, and GREAT relationships! Thanks for tuning in.