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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

May 24, 2023

You are going to love this episode!

I have a special guest, ESL Program graduate; Michelle Peth.

In this episode you will hear Michelle and I discuss her vulnerable journey to becoming the securely attached, emotionally healthy woman she is today:

  • Michelle shares about how “doing the work” changed her life.
  • She opens up about the “messy middle” of healing and shares her own experiences with unhealthy relationships.
  • We discuss how anyone can learn to tap into their inner guidance to transform unhealthy habits and elevate personal growth.

If Michelle’s journey inside of the ESL Program inspired you, I want to encourage you to apply to the ESL Program yourself.

I am here to help you embody the healthy, secure, and emotionally available version of yourself in the Empowered. Secure. Loved. Relationship Program.

*Spots are extremely limited! Don’t wait, grab your spot before they are gone: 

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Want to learn more about Michelle Peth?

Introducing Michelle Peth, a driven entrepreneur who is the CEO and founder of Beettan, a flourishing company that provides all-natural tanning products and supports nearly 200 women in building their own businesses. Passionate about personal growth and self-love, Michelle is also an emerging motivational speaker aiming to inspire and encourage fellow female entrepreneurs. As the host of the Beet Goes On Podcast, she shares her journey and wisdom to empower women from all backgrounds. Michelle's dedication to self-care and healing practices has led to significant personal transformation, making her an ideal guest to discuss the significance of self-love and daily rituals for continuous growth.

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