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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

May 17, 2023

This episode was inspired by a conversation I overheard from two women. 

They were talking about: “Love Addiction and Sex Addiction.” 

Is it really an addiction, or is it your attachment style? 

Oftentimes anxious attachment FEELS like an addiction. 

Inside this episode I unpack: 

  • Anxious Attachment Strategies for Reassurance
  • Anxious / Avoidant Relationship Traps
  • The challenges faced by anxiously attached folks when seeking reassurance

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Want a deeper dive into today’s episode? Check out this summary: 

Reassurance is vital for those with an anxious attachment style, as it helps them feel secure and valued in their relationships. However, obtaining it can be challenging, particularly when paired with avoidantly attached partners who may struggle to provide the emotional support required. 

This dynamic can lead to a cycle of seeking reassurance through different means, such as sex, which may ultimately be mistaken for love addiction. While the attraction between anxiously attached and avoidantly attached partners is strong, they find it challenging to fulfill each other's emotional needs. Understanding this dynamic is essential to break free from the cycle and create healthier relationships and attachment patterns.