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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Apr 24, 2023

Time for a tough love episode! 

TRUTH: In my past, I was caught in a vicious loop of self-doubt,and I was unable to break free from the false beliefs I had about my worth. 

I know what it is like to not see your own worthiness, and believe the lies that other people are worthy and you are not. 

Inside of this episode I discuss how you can: 

  • Uncover and free yourself from restrictive beliefs and narratives.
  • Master the balance between therapy and coaching for lasting change.
  • Embrace high self-worth for more fulfilling relationships.

I know this episode will help you: 

  • Take responsibility for your belief systems, thoughts, and behaviors, and commit to making necessary changes to attract the relationships and experiences you deserve.
  • Set new standards for yourself in all areas of your life, including relationships, friendships, and career, as you step into your worthiness.

Okay, truth time! 

Did this tough love episode call you out, and you're ready to make a change?! 

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