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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Oct 17, 2022

You’re gonna love this LGV listeners! 


In this interview Kelly Chase, interviews me, Dr. Morgan! 


She asks me everything you all want the answer to. 


Here is a break down of the interview itself: 


  • Getting to know Dr. Morgan Anderson  [2:13]

“I knew from a very young age that I wanted to help people. Even from a young age I just wanted to help people and get to know people ”

  • Dealing with Pain [7:58]

“I knew that not dealing with the wound is going to hurt me again and again.”

  • To the People Who Are Stuck [11:00]

“We actually owe it to ourselves to stop numbing and to feel the pain that we are feeling. I am in pain and I need to change.”

  • Healing and Relationships [15:30]

“Some people come into your life to open your eyes to something different. Rejection is redirection.”

  • The Attachment Theory [22:35]

“There is a unique attachment style for every person. All of us have different pieces from each attachment style.”

  • Anxious Attachment [27:52]

“Fear of abandonment is very strong. You’re not just born with anxious attachment.”

“Sometimes we get so fearful of speaking what’s on our mind and being vulnerable because they’re going to think something about us and leave us.”

  • Dismissive or Avoidant Attachment Style [29:57]

“It is the fear that I’m not good enough or this person isn't gonna be there for me.” 

  • Disorganized Attachment Style [31:36]

“A mix of anxious and dismissive. You might just go back and forth.”

  • Secure Attachment Style [36:15]

“Both should decide that they want a secure relationship. You need someone who’s willing to create that secure attachment with you.” 

  • Tips on Becoming More Secure [44:56] 

“Awareness is the first step. Do a relationship inventory.”


Kelly and I covered so much during this interview! I hope you loved it. 


Make sure you connect with Kelly on IG @chaselifewithkelly  


You can also check out her podcast: Chase Life with Kelly - available everywhere podcasts are aired.


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