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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Sep 21, 2022

This episode is PACKED the dating advice you wish someone would have you given you in your early 20’s…


Inside of this episode I discuss: 


  • How to decipher between your GUT and your attachment style 
  • Learning to develop self-trust as your dating superpower
  • What to do when they are SO HOT that you’re worried you won’t make good dating decisions 


Are you ready to ENJOY dating? What if attracting your soulmate didn’t feel like work? 


What if you knew how to trust yourself in your dating decisions, and you knew you were attracting high quality securely attached partners? 


It’s all available to you when you become securely attached. 


If you’re ready to get off the dating rollercoaster and become the securely attached version of you; I want to invite you to apply to the E.S.L. program today.


The time is now to intentionally invest in your healing. 


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P.S. Stay Tuned for “10 Questions for a Great First Date” - this is my guide that I will be releasing in October! It will be added to the show notes once it is ready.