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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Jan 17, 2022

“Dating sucks”


“I hate dating apps”


“Do you have any idea how terrible the options are these days? I’d rather stay single” 


The above are all things I’ve heard as a relationship coach. 


And I get it; you CAN get burnt out on dating. 


This episode is meant to help you:

  •  Get back on track when the dating game just feels like way too much stress 
  • Learn how to date in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling burnt out 
  • Give you a dating mindset reset that will point you in the right direction 


I know I needed this episode at a few points in my life, and my hope is that it will help you wherever you are on your dating journey! 


If you are listening and have realized you want to  get off the dating roller coaster and learn how to attract the securely attached great relationship you’ve always wanted; I’ve got good news! 


The E.S.L. Program is open for applications! Click here to apply!