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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Feb 17, 2021

Do you DECLARE to the universe what your heart really desires?


Is it a silent secret, or an OUT LOUD REQUEST?


Many of us stay silent about what we really want; for fear it will never ever come true.


And omg, if we dare speak our heart’s desire...and then we fall on our face and never achieve it?




I’m here to tell you this boo: You have a right to give voice to your desires. Speak what is on your heart!


Speak it out loud, write about it, visualize it, and own that desire. Your desires are never placed on your heart by accident.


You do yourself and the universe a huge disservice when you keep them silent!


Be unapologetic about what you want, and imagine it as already in existence.


Don’t you dare cut yourself off from what is meant for you!


And if you need help owning that a romantic partnership is part of deepest desires, I got you! 

In todays episode I talk about: 

  1. How I have learned to DECLARE what I really want
  2. Keys for easily attracting what you really want 
  3. I distinguish between receiving and FORCING

You don’t want to miss this episode!

It’s a vulnerable and HIGH VALUE one. 


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