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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Feb 28, 2022

This might be my most vulnerable episode EVER 


Seriously y’all-I am hoping my parents don’t listen to this episode, lol. 


Inside of this episode designed to support you in having a great sex-life, Dr. Tara and I do a deep dive on: 


  • Infidelity and Divorce; how a great sex life is a protector against divorce 
  • How...

Feb 23, 2022



Inside of this episode I talk about: 


-How your friendships might be getting the way of your healing 

-How to protect your dating journey 

-The importance of reconnecting to your inner guidance system and building self-trust


I also dive into the importance of this during the early stages of...

Feb 21, 2022

Get ready for a truly vulnerable episode! 


Let’s talk about securely attached sex; how can you create desire AND maintain a secure attachment?! 


Women ask me this all of the time. And after reviewing Ester’s Perel’s work, and re-reading her book: “Mating in Captivity” -


I have some answers for you! 


Feb 16, 2022

Let’s Get Vulnerable (and nerdy!)   

Today’s episode is also on our YouTube Channel! (Wanna watch instead of listen?! Check it out here!


In today’s episode we do a deep dive on: 


  • Why your attachment style impacts your reassurance seeking behaviors 
  • Where your reassurance behavior came from 
  • My top tip for...

Feb 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day or Single Awareness Day or Whatever you’d like to call it! 


I am glad you’re here and tuning in to this special episode. 


Today’s episode will offer you a little bit of everything to help with your journey to high self-worth and great relationships.


Inside of the episode I discuss: