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Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Dec 28, 2022

If you’ve ever been curious about clinical definitions for relationship dysfunction, you’re gonna love this episode


Inside of this episode: 


-The Diagnostic Criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder 

-Examining the attachment style overlap with BPD 

-The importance of acknowledging that change is possible (no...

Dec 26, 2022

This episode is brought to you by some incredible audience questions! 


On today's episode we dive into: 


  • What is Secure attachment anyways? (What are the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions associated with a healthy relationship) 
  • Can you have a great relationship without butterflies? 
  • What to do when you’re not...

Dec 21, 2022

Today’s episode is waaaaaay overdue. 


I am talking about Feminine Energy today, in a way that I have never talked about it before. 


Inside of this episode I dive into: 


  • The importance of Polarity in relationships 
  • Why so many women struggle with Feminine energy 
  • How to access your feminine energy...

Dec 19, 2022

Do you know the Six Human Needs? 


Inside of this episode I dive into: 


  • The Six Human Needs we all have (consciously or unconsciously) 
  • Why the need for Significance can really mess up your relationships if you’re not careful 
  • Healthy Ways to Meet our Needs in Relationships 


You won’t want to miss...

Dec 12, 2022

Oooof this one is a tough topic!

I get asked this alot: “how do I move on from a friendship that is no longer serving me? “

Inside of today’s episode I talk about how to approach this challenging scenario.

We dive into: 

-How attachment styles can show up in friendships 

-The process for feedback (example...